10 February, 2008

Valentine's Toses

Heather & I went to a real SPA today to get pedicures. If you haven't had one before, I highly recommend them. And while I won't be going back to the spa we went to today, I'll be frequenting spas more often and mall shops less. The whole experience was nicer and definitely higher quality - on the products used and the overall "pampering" feeling. My feet even got their own mask today. Of course, the spa was more expensive than the mall shops are, but we had gift certificates, so it wasn't too bad.
Mall Toes
The mall shops are okay - quick in, quick out. They've used a razor-type implement to get off dead skin - which, according to the gal at the spa, is very bad for my feet and even illegal in some states. Who knew?!? But the mall shops can give me a french pedicure with green instead of white and paint pretty little pictures on my toes. Apparently the spa is a little too high-brow for the pictures. And they didn't have lime green for the toes either. One color seemed close (and it had sparkles!) - but I was told that was sheer, so no one would see the color. I wanted something a little wild - since it's winter and only me and one or *maybe* two other people ever see my toes anyway... Oh well. I got a nice, respectable red for valentine's. That'll have to do.
Spa Toes

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Rosa said...

I've only ever gotten one pedicure and they used a razor thing. Hmmm . . . .
Cute toes!!