03 February, 2008

Super Bowl

Superbowl Sunday is just another reason to get together with friends and eat. At least, that's what I think it's for... oh! and watching the commercials to see what's new and clever. Since our house is currently non-visitor friendly, we went to visit at some friends' house. My contribution was chili. Since I watched a Superbowl episode of Emeril (while I was exercising), I decided to try making Emeril's Chili. I normally use ground beef, but the recommendation from this show was stew meat. I figured that'd dress things up a bit...
Raw Chili Fixin's

I started cooking in our big stock pot, since I planned on doubling the recipe. Once it got pretty full, I was going to move everything over to our largest crock pot and finish adding ingredients there. Turns out my stock pot is bigger than my crock pot. Which was bad news, since I still needed to add three cans of beans and 6 cups of water. Fortunately, Big Blue is still in residence. I borrow Blue from a friend (quite some time ago) to make a large batch of chili. It's gargantuan - and heavy - and everything fit. Whew!
Almost Chili

Transferring to Big Blue

We also brought corn chips (Fritos) and shredded cheese for toppings. It was yummy. I only had two bowls - that covered lunch & dinner. The rest of the time I spent eating pesto, stuffed mushrooms, baked brie, boneless buffalo wings, and some cinnabon coffee cake. I really am going to need to exercise this next week, just to make up for all the eating I've done over the weekend.
Heather Eating Chili

I normally pick my team based on the color of the jerseys, so I would have gone with the blue team (Patriots). But this year I decided to go with the underdogs in the white jerseys - go Giants! An exciting ending to the only game of football I've (mostly) watched all year. But I *definitely* enjoyed the company and the food!!

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