10 January, 2008

Winter Snow

A few days ago I was thinking that we haven't had much snow this winter. So I spoke a little too soon. It seems that Mother Nature is working on making up for the previous lack (or just little bit) of snow by dumping. I also heard we're in for snow for the next few days. Looks like I'll become good friends with the shovel... Don't know how many inches we've accumulated so far, but it's a bunch. Fortunately it's a light, powdery snow so shoveling isn't too grueling.
The cold before the snow
Pic taken Thursday morning - snow is all from Wednesday evening & over night
As I was catching up on family news, I read an entry on my cousin's blog. (Shout out to Chad, Angie, & Abby!!) It seems they had a cold spell and had to bundle up. (You can see the FL winter report here: Florida winter) There are some days that I'd trade Alaska winters for Florida winters in a heartbeat. Okay - that's most winter days... =)
Frier in the Snow