30 December, 2007

The Red Wall

We replaced our sliding glass door - which meant replacing the trim. Which meant our previous shades wouldn't work and had to be replaced. Which also meant that now was an opportunity to make (drastic) changes, if we wanted. So we decided to paint the wall red. Which then turned into painting another wall red too... Can we say Project Scope Creep? =) Here's the progress:
Priming the Targets

Painting the Walls

Final Finish

We still have to put decorations back on the wall and paint the trim. The hangings will be done tomorrow, but we have company coming for New Year's Eve, so the trim will have to wait a couple days. I'll post a finale picture when it's all done...

1 comment:

Chad said...

I've always wanted to have at least one or two red walls in my house. I love it!!! The final product looks Great!!!