02 December, 2007

Season Finale

I'm a bit behind on posting - so I'm going to take this chance to get some pictures out. The first bit are my flowers at the end of the season. They're full of blooms and so colorful - it's a little sad when I know they won't be around much longer. But here they're glorious... just before the end. (You can see the changes by looking here). These pictures are from September.

It got cold sooner this year than last year, or so it seems. We got some frost in late September, and a bit of snow in October. A good, healthy dose of snow in early November - then a warming trend that melted just about everything for Thanksgiving. My first winter milestone is less than three weeks away: Winter Solstice. Although unnoticeable at first, days start getting longer. Sad to say there's still lots of cold and dark to endure, but the first ray of hope is just around the corner... =)
October Snow

Early November Snow

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