28 December, 2007


We had loads of people over on Christmas Eve - it was so nice to visit with everyone and share some fun times. We did the luminarias again - and they turned out beautiful, just like last year (and every year we've ever seen or done them). It was a special way to spend the Eve of Christmas - with people we love.
The Christmas Tree
Christmas was very relaxing. We spent most of the day at home, playing with presents, and decided to take in a movie. I did not realize how many other people take in movies on Christmas Day. We left a little early, but when we got there I was worried that we wouldn't make it in to the theatre. But we were lucky, and we enjoyed National Treasure - The Book of Secrets.
New Cell Phone Handset for Greg =)

New Robe & Adjustable Height Tripod

New Book and iPod for ME!!

We're going to have more people over to the house on Monday - getting ready to greet the New Year with much ado. It's been a good year. Now I'd better get on the ball and finish our Christmas Letter - I hope to have it done and mailed by sometime in January... =)

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Rosa said...

Your iPod is pink! I'm jealous!