17 December, 2007

Christmastime Again

It's amazing to think that it's Christmastime again. I thought we'd be on top of things, but it looks like the Christmas letter is going to be late, and probably the out-of-state gifts too. We won't be getting to the post office quick enough to get them delivered in time. =(

On the bright side, this weekend was our third annual Christmas Caroling get-together. It's a tradition from my side of the family - one that I've missed greatly. I remember getting together with all the cousins, and going to sing to people with grandma & grandpa. We had quite the spectacular group!

So I spent this weekend baking and getting crock pot food ready (stew - yummm!). I made all my favorites (since I only make them once a year): ginger snaps, gingerbread rounds (they were supposed to be people, but I just made balls and smashed them flat), no-bake cookies, red & green chocolate dipped pretzels, three kinds of fudge (toffee, almond/peppermint, & peanut butter), and pecan sandies (with cashews instead of pecans). We also had actual gingerbread men & sugar cookies donated to the cause. For after singing refreshment I made stew, bread, pumpkin dip (new recipe), buscuits, & spiced cider. We also had eggnog on hand. It took some time, but it was well worth it!

We don't practice at all, so whatever we lack in harmonics we make up for with lots of enthusiasm! A very nice way to spend the evening! We also made plans for Christmas Eve - going to visit with friends - we'll bring our candelaria makings to set them up there. Oh, what fun!
The Carolers

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