30 December, 2007

The Red Wall

We replaced our sliding glass door - which meant replacing the trim. Which meant our previous shades wouldn't work and had to be replaced. Which also meant that now was an opportunity to make (drastic) changes, if we wanted. So we decided to paint the wall red. Which then turned into painting another wall red too... Can we say Project Scope Creep? =) Here's the progress:
Priming the Targets

Painting the Walls

Final Finish

We still have to put decorations back on the wall and paint the trim. The hangings will be done tomorrow, but we have company coming for New Year's Eve, so the trim will have to wait a couple days. I'll post a finale picture when it's all done...

28 December, 2007

Luminarias for Christmas Eve


We had loads of people over on Christmas Eve - it was so nice to visit with everyone and share some fun times. We did the luminarias again - and they turned out beautiful, just like last year (and every year we've ever seen or done them). It was a special way to spend the Eve of Christmas - with people we love.
The Christmas Tree
Christmas was very relaxing. We spent most of the day at home, playing with presents, and decided to take in a movie. I did not realize how many other people take in movies on Christmas Day. We left a little early, but when we got there I was worried that we wouldn't make it in to the theatre. But we were lucky, and we enjoyed National Treasure - The Book of Secrets.
New Cell Phone Handset for Greg =)

New Robe & Adjustable Height Tripod

New Book and iPod for ME!!

We're going to have more people over to the house on Monday - getting ready to greet the New Year with much ado. It's been a good year. Now I'd better get on the ball and finish our Christmas Letter - I hope to have it done and mailed by sometime in January... =)

22 December, 2007

Winter Solstice

I've reached my first winter milestone: Today was the first day that we started gaining more light. (Meaning yesterday - the day that's over & gone - was the shortest day of the year.) It won't be noticeable for another month or so, but I *know* the days are starting to get longer. Now I just have to make it through a few cold(er) spells, to where the longer days start getting warmer... =) Happy Winter Solstice!!

17 December, 2007

Christmastime Again

It's amazing to think that it's Christmastime again. I thought we'd be on top of things, but it looks like the Christmas letter is going to be late, and probably the out-of-state gifts too. We won't be getting to the post office quick enough to get them delivered in time. =(

On the bright side, this weekend was our third annual Christmas Caroling get-together. It's a tradition from my side of the family - one that I've missed greatly. I remember getting together with all the cousins, and going to sing to people with grandma & grandpa. We had quite the spectacular group!

So I spent this weekend baking and getting crock pot food ready (stew - yummm!). I made all my favorites (since I only make them once a year): ginger snaps, gingerbread rounds (they were supposed to be people, but I just made balls and smashed them flat), no-bake cookies, red & green chocolate dipped pretzels, three kinds of fudge (toffee, almond/peppermint, & peanut butter), and pecan sandies (with cashews instead of pecans). We also had actual gingerbread men & sugar cookies donated to the cause. For after singing refreshment I made stew, bread, pumpkin dip (new recipe), buscuits, & spiced cider. We also had eggnog on hand. It took some time, but it was well worth it!

We don't practice at all, so whatever we lack in harmonics we make up for with lots of enthusiasm! A very nice way to spend the evening! We also made plans for Christmas Eve - going to visit with friends - we'll bring our candelaria makings to set them up there. Oh, what fun!
The Carolers

02 December, 2007

Season Finale

I'm a bit behind on posting - so I'm going to take this chance to get some pictures out. The first bit are my flowers at the end of the season. They're full of blooms and so colorful - it's a little sad when I know they won't be around much longer. But here they're glorious... just before the end. (You can see the changes by looking here). These pictures are from September.

It got cold sooner this year than last year, or so it seems. We got some frost in late September, and a bit of snow in October. A good, healthy dose of snow in early November - then a warming trend that melted just about everything for Thanksgiving. My first winter milestone is less than three weeks away: Winter Solstice. Although unnoticeable at first, days start getting longer. Sad to say there's still lots of cold and dark to endure, but the first ray of hope is just around the corner... =)
October Snow

Early November Snow

Lovely Bits of Sunshine