26 August, 2007

Seascape Cache

This morning, we took Yvonne (Jeannea's co-worker from Dillingham) to the Tooth for a good meal, took her to the airport, then did a little caching. Here's another place in my own back yard that I'd never been, and the only reason I did end up here is to find a cache. Even though I'm not into the sport nearly as much as Greg & his buddies, one of the bonuses is that you find things like this.
Seascape View

This particular cache is relatively simple. On the backside of a neighborhood is a little path down a hill to a marshy area. At the base of the hill is a little path bordering some woods and the marsh. Follow the path a bit (sandals are *not* recommended, although you can accomplish the task in them...) and you find the hide.
On the Way

From the Find

Now Jeannea, Greg, & Brian are out finding more hides... One of these days I'll have to start logging my finds - I'm fairly certain I have more than a dozen, but won't know the exact count until I log them. Happy Hunting!! =)
Cachers - Brian, Jeannea, & Greg

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