14 July, 2007

Squirrel Creek - Part III, the Finale

Some of our group headed out on Saturday, the rest of us packed up Sunday morning. Saturday was a drizzly day, so we spent lots of time reading or playing games. Dinner was Chicken 'n Dumplings with calabacitas (a corn dish with garlic, onions, & zucchini - yummy!). The drive home cleared up, so it was a very pleasant journey. And it's always nice to get home (and get clean) again! So here are the faces that graced our most recent campout...
Ubon & Pahmi
(it's her 1st campout!)

Cindy, Anna & Nunta
(it's Anna's 1st campout also -
too bad it rained all day Saturday)

Anita (with Todd in the background)

Todd (making Anita's nighttime restroom)

Mud-spattered Kelly


Jenn (she finished 2 books!)


Heather & Ayanna

Sam thru the smoke


Greg (with Kelly in tow)

Bucket O' Fun!!

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