14 July, 2007

Squirrel Creek - Part I, the Fourth

We went camping over the 4th of July. Back to Squirrel Creek, which is about a 4-1/2 hour drive from home. Long time in the car, but *definitely* worth it!! This is our third trip to this campground - we went twice last year (over the 4th and over Labor Day). We didn't get our usual spots, but ended up filling the end of a cul-de-sac. Made it nice for privacy - our group had all the spots - but we had lots of turn-around traffic. So we made a sign to make sure other campers knew there was no reason (except to visit) to drive down the road to our sites.

Squirrel Creek
Water's lots lower than last year

No Room at the Inn

We had lots of activities - fireworks on the 4th, a trip to Liberty Falls, Valdez, caching for some, hanging out, and relaxing. Once again, it was a blast!!

We left home after work on the 3rd and set up camp that night. It was late, so we pretty much just relaxed and went to bed. On the 4th, there was an excursion to Liberty Falls. Some of the group had gone there last year - it was interesting to see some of the changes since the flooding (which happened after we left last fall).

Liberty Falls

Liberty Falls Bridge
showing the washout after flooding last fall

Fireweed overlooking Copper River
near Liberty Falls

After a nice dinner of Halibut Olympia and scalloped potatoes (both of which we cooked in cast iron pots that I called crockpots all the time), we headed out of the campground to light fireworks. Made for a nice end to an enjoyable day.

black shirt vs. white shirt

Part of the Crew

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