22 July, 2007

Shawn & Christine

We have some friends in town - wahoo!! Shawn & Christine flew in last night. Originally from here, they've been relocated to the flatlands of Nebraska. So they get to come home for a quick visit - the first in about a year & a half. We picked them up at the airport - minus the bags, which were missing. From there, we headed to a local bar to see Jared Woods (http://www.myspace.com/jaredwoodsak - my favorite song is So Are You In, available for listening or download on his site) performing in his group Woodrow (http://www.myspace.com/woodrowmusic). Jared is a fantastic local artist! When he was on tour last year he had a stop in Omaha, so Shawn & Christine got to see him there and then took him in while he was in town. Apparently, a great time was had by all. =)

Listening to the music

Making the music

Guitar moves

Jared & Shawn helping Christine feel taller

We enjoyed the show until after 2am, then headed back to the house to visit for a bit. The airport called (while we were at the bar) saying they had the bags, but we wouldn't be able to pick them up until after 6am. So we ended up visiting until it was time to pick up the bags, then took a bit of a nap before starting (continuing?) today. First thing on the agenda: Greek Salad from Guido's. (Picture to come later - I forgot to take one before we ate our way through most of 2 of them. Whew!)
Fresh outfits from the recently retrieved luggage

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