14 July, 2007


We had some old friends in town and were able to meet them for dinner. It was nice to visit for a bit, and to see how the kids have grown! I've known Patti for *ages* - longer than I've known Greg. And MaryLou was a surrogate mom when I was far from home and really needed one. They're family - just not blood. =) They do make it to town once in a while, and since we don't ever make it out to their neck of the woods we'll just have to take what we can get.
MaryLou & Me

Patti & Little Kenneth
(it's past his bedtime) =)

Patti, Kenneth, & Kenny

Bethany & Ayanna get to visit when we get together too, and they really seem to enjoy it. Fun for everyone!!
Ayanna & Bethany

The kids: Bethany, Ayanna, & Kenneth
The rest: me & Patti

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