21 May, 2007

Vacation - Goodbyes & Hellos

We spent most of the day traveling - now we're home and it's time to start a new week in just a few short hours. I wanted to add this last day of memories before it's over. We got up early so we could see Anna before she headed to the airport, and have breakfast with Grandma & Dad before lil bro shuffled them off too. Back to mom's to pack, then out to see M before we hit the road - it was nice to visit with mom for a bit on the way in...

Bye Mom!

Bye Sheri!

Bye Aaron, Mari, Sheri, Grandma & Dad!

Bye M!

We had a 6 hour layover in Seattle - but since our plane was delayed because of a problem with the numbers on one of the radios in the cockpit, we were in a bit late. Bags were checked all the way through, so we just met Holly & Corey (they were waiting patiently at baggage claim for us) and decided on a place for dinner. Claim Jumper. The last time we were there was when we were in Seattle for Holly & Corey's wedding - 6&1/2 years ago. It was good food, & *great* company - as usual!! We chatted so long that waiting for a taxi might've made us late, so we crammed ourselves into the way-back of Corey's blazer - and got a view of everywhere we'd been as we cruised back to the airport. =)

Hello Gorski Clan!

Bye Holly (and Corey and Zane and Thor)!

Taxi Service to the Airport

After a lousy 3&1/2 hour nap, we deplaned - Brian picked us up, and now we're home. It's been a *fantastic* trip! On tap for tomorrow: back to work.

Hello Brian - Hello Home!!

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Anonymous said...

I just read all of your 2007 posts! I am updated. It was so good to see you & Greg yesterday. I feel so special to have our picture in your blog! Awww.