19 May, 2007

Vacation - The Last Day

Another busy day has come & gone. It was a good one! We got up early - we were the designated seat-savers, so had to leave early for the graduation ceremony. As it was, we still had to sit in the balcony nose-bleed section. Guess we should have gone even earlier - who knew?!? The ceremony itself was moving - most likely because I knew someone down there. (It was *way* down there...) I'm so proud of M - all that effort and determination has come to fruition. Good Job M!!!

Dr. M is in the House!!!

After the ceremony, Greg & I went caching again - found another one. One of these days I'll have to log my finds - I think I have a whole six now!! We wrapped M's graduation present in a parking lot, then headed to the picnic. Good food, and good visiting - seems like an ongoing theme for this trip! Greg took some of the picnic crew caching and they found another one - and a potential new caching convert (go Tyler!). M *really* likes her new camera - wahoo!! Now she's got to learn how to use it... too complicated for me. I like the point & shoot kind, but Greg is very fond of his camera and we got M the same kind.

Picnic Party-ers

Some of the Girls

M's New Camera

And then we headed back to Orem. Greg & I went for one more cache - and found it. This one was large enough that he could put his travelers in it. We even met the hider while we were there. We may go again tomorrow, cuz he found a couple more in his bag. We'll see what kind of time we have...

On tap for tomorrow: Breakfast - have to leave the house before 8am so we can eat and then get some people to the airport; caching?; fly to Seattle; visit w/ Holly, Corey, Zane, & the new arrival Thor; home again, home again.

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