18 May, 2007

Vacation - Day Six

Looks like I'm running a day behind - it might be that way for the rest of the trip. We got home (now staying at mom's house in Orem, UT) around 11pm - then Greg hogged the computer so I didn't get a chance to update. He hogged it again this morning, so I made sure to get here first this afternoon. =) Although it's going to get busy here shortly, so I might have to save and do the posting later. We'll see how it goes.

So yesterday, we got a later start than intended. Still made it to Salt Lake in time to return the rental van without getting charged extra money. Then we went caching and shopping for the afternoon. We found four of the six caches we were looking for, spent the afternoon wandering around the International Peace Park. We were wandering around the area hunting caches and stumbled on the park - a lovely outing. And I picked my cache name: GeoGrumpy. Just have to set up the account now. I'm fairly sure no one has already picked that one... We also went to the Gateway Mall and spent *loads* of money on clothes - wahoo. Turns out there are caches there, too. They're everywhere!! We still have shopping to do for Greg, but I'm thinking we can get that done today... =)

Peace to the World!

Peace to the Trees!

Peace to Shopping!

For dinner, we went to Aristo's (a nice little Greek restaurant recommended by M). We met the new arrivals - Grandma, Dad, & big bro Dave. It was good food, and good company. Can't ask for much more than that. Greg & I stayed around the area to wait for Aunt Anna to arrive, picked her up from the airport, and headed back down to Orem.

Peace to the Fam Damily!

On tap for today: Brunch with those that aren't attending lil bro's sealing ceremony (already done - update for Day Seven's post); caching & shopping; reception; more fun.