12 May, 2007

Vacation - Day One Update

So we're just about ready to call it a night (it's after 10pm here). I figured I'd update our adventures. M's new pad is cool! It's three levels - the bottom is a garage (two car!) and laundry room; the main level has a living room, dining/kitchen area, and a 1/2 bath; the top level has three bedrooms & a full bath. She has a small backyard - with a slide, that we'll be removing (pix later?). The new location is only 10 minutes further from work and close to a *huge* park that'll be great for all kinds of fun. We're going to spend the winter designing the backyard - it's kind of small, but we're already kicking ideas around. We just have to measure things out and make some plans.

We did some shopping, went home to relax & visit for a bit, then met the Fam for dinner at Outback. We called ahead to avoid a wait, but still ended up sitting outside for almost 45 minutes. Oh well. Dinner was nice. Plans for tomorrow include packing and some shopping (of course!)...

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