15 May, 2007

Vacation - Day Four

It's been a busy day - but good. We were up early - M to prepare for her presentation, me to make a run to the grocery store for boxes. Success! For both of us. =) After a nap, I bustled off to see Jenny for lunch (Preston came along for company). We ate at Cancun Cafe - a nice little mexican joint. A very enjoyable time - good food, good company.

Lunch Buddies

After lunch, it was time to put those newly acquired boxes to use. So we (M & I) spent the afternoon packing boxes so we could make the first run to the condo. Recording happened this afternoon, so now it's hers "officially" - congrats!! We stopped by the store for dinner supplies - intended to eat dinner & load up for trip #2, but somehow we ran out of gas. Oh well.

Officially the Owner
On tap for tomorrow: Greg comes in at 7:30am - no sleeping in! After that, it's nap or breakfast (or both) depending on how he feels. My brother will be up to help move the big stuff early afternoon, so we'll be doing that - hopefully get most (or all) the rest of it done. Maybe dinner with mom? We'll see. Pleasant dreams!!

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