17 May, 2007

Vacation - Day Five

It was a long day yesterday - but productive. Greg got in @ 8am. We went back to the apartment for a bit, then loaded the car for another trip to M's new place. Had breakfast, then headed back for more. We were discussing things, and determined that it'd probably be best to rent a van - that way we could get everything in one trip, then use the van to go to mom's and get the washer, dryer, & fridge for M. So that's what we did. My brother & sister-in-law showed up around 2:30pm to help out - the extra hands were *very* appreciated!!

Movin' Crew

Empty Old Pad

New Pad, Tired Boy

Everything was moved from the apt. to the new place, and pieces put back together so that we were able to go to dinner (at Olive Garden - yay!) by 7pm. After that, we headed out to Orem to pick up the appliances and take them back to Salt Lake. We were home & in bed shortly after 1am this morning. Like I said, long day - but productive.

Sunset Thru the Van Window

On tap for today: Return the rental van, cache, shop, have dinner with newly arrived family. Should be a good day for pictures!

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