18 May, 2007

Vacation - Day Seven

Another busy day - but a good one. Those of us that couldn't attend Aaron & Mari's sealing headed to breakfast at Mimi's. Good breakfast food and great company! Did a little shopping after that, then headed to the house to visit for a bit. Greg was finally able to get his clothes shopping done, and I stuck to the house to visit with family.

The Breakfast Crew

Aaron & Mari's reception was from 6-9pm. It was *loads* of fun! Lots of family came, and plenty of their friends too. There was good food, a DJ, dancing, and a pinata! We stayed late to help clean things up. Lots of pics for this section!

Lil Bro & Me (in my 3" heels!!)

Family Shot

The Crew (isn't Greg short?!?)

Dancin' Fools

Pinata King

To finish the evening, Greg & I headed out to find another cache. The one we were originally going to is on private property, so we decided to do that in daylight (and before 11pm). We did a drive-by to locate the general area. On the way over we discovered another cache, so we found that one on the return trip. Discovered yet another cache on the return, but a drive-by shows that it's probably on private property, so we're going to do that one in daylight too. This means we've found five caches of the seven we've hunted for. (Greg found a couple more, but I don't count those...)

On tap for tomorrow: Leaving the house early so we can save seats for M's graduation ceremony; visiting, caching, and/or shopping; M's celebratory BBQ; more visiting, caching, and/or shopping. This is the last real day of vacation - Sunday means packing & traveling.

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