12 May, 2007


I made my way south last night. I know that's supposed to be for winter, but I'm in sunny Salt Lake for celebrations - wahoo!! My brother is getting sealed in the Mormon temple (which I can't attend) and having a reception after (which I can attend) on Friday the 18th, and M graduates from med school on Saturday the 19th.

Between now and those two auspicious events, I'll be helping M move, shopping, eating at all the restaurants we don't have back home, visiting with family, shopping, & trying to relax. Greg comes in on Wednesday morning, so he'll get to share in all the fun too. Wahoo!!

The flight down was long - a red-eye that actually left & arrived on time. I didn't sleep very well - the flight was full and overly warm, the seats were too short so I developed a crick in my neck, and my knees kept cramping up. Oh well. M met me at the airport - we waited for my bag at the wrong carousel (it had the right flight number, but they actually sent the bags up on a different one), then made our way to her (old) pad to take a nap. We're going to do a walk-through on the new place tonight, then meet mom, Aaron & Mari, and Sheri for dinner - at Outback. I know - we have one of those in AK, but lil bro has a gift cert from Christmas (guess who gave it??) that he wants to use. =)

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