29 April, 2007


It's definitely getting closer! Daytime temps are warmer - 50's or so - and I can see buds on the trees. The buds won't show up in pictures from a distance yet, but I know they're there and it's just a matter of time until things start turning green. Wahoo!! We raked the backyard today - it was a Three Bag Job. It's been worse - but last year (before the first snow) Greg mowed up the leaves that had already fallen. Saved us a lot of work (and bags) this Spring... =) Now we have to do the side & front yards - but they're smaller, so it'll be a breeze!

And we're starting to get growth in the Annual Bed in the back - some of the goodies are already popping up. That *must* mean Spring is here!! Just wish it were greener - but that'll come. We'll see what the yard looks like next week... =)

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