21 April, 2007

Spring Still Cometh...

It's a week later, and the weather has been lots warmer. Today is sunny & supposed to get up to the 50's - wahoo!! Lots less snow in the yard (but there's still some closer to the house), and the swamp is getting dryer. I think I can see buds on the trees (maybe pre-buds?), and I'm anxiously awaiting the green-up that is to come.

The backyard

Jeannea is here for a short visit - she went to a GeoCaching event with Greg today. I bagged that and went instead on the first walk of the season - the MS Walk. Four miles around Lake Hood. It's a nice, meandering walk. I didn't walk fast, but at least I was out and about. I went with a group of friends, and we had a blast. Went for lunch after, and visited for a bit. All in all, a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday!

We are the Champions!!

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