20 February, 2007

The Sewing Bee - Final Prep

Heather & Anita found a small flaw in one of the squares - probably from some of the unpicking we all did. So before we finish the quilt, we need to patch the flaw so it doesn't fray or tear. (I took the pictures using the "macro" feature that I just learned how to use - wahoo!)

Little Tear

Heather & Anita picked out some cute designs from one of the fabrics and cut them out. Then, Anita & I went shopping on Monday (yeah - holiday!) for fabric glue. We found a liquid kind and an iron on - so got them both to test.

Cute Patches

The first one down was done with the iron on stuff - since we didn't think it'd be good to iron on the glued down stuff.

Iron-on Flower Patch

The second piece was done using a fabric glue - it needs to set or dry for 24 hours, but should be good as gold after that.

Glue-on Heart Patch

Now we're going to do a little bit of stitching around the patches, just to make sure they're secure. Then all that's left is the stitching in the ditch - for the 3rd & final quilt. I'm still amazed that in six sittings we will have completed 3 quilts. Way to go team!!

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