19 February, 2007

The Sewing Bee - Fifth Night

After a brief haitus, we're back at it and we're coming to the finish. One more night and all three baby quilts will be done. Absolutely amazing!! It's incredible to see the progress, and know that in only 5 sittings we have two quilts complete and we'll have the 3rd one done tomorrow (yeah holidays!). And Heather's quilt is coming right along too - all the borders are on, now it's time to figure out batting & backing. My girls worked hard again today. Anita was stitching in the ditch and finished two of the quilts (including washing & drying so we could see the final product), and Heather added three borders to her twin quilt.

Hard at Work

Heather finished all her borders just in time for dinner, and Anita finished the stitching for one of the baby quilts and almost half of a second one. After a lovely dinner of Chinese New Year's Chicken (thanks Todd!), Anita finished the last of the second quilt. One more to go. We have a tiny flaw in one of the squares, so tomorrow we're going to do some creative patching and then finish the quilt. Almost there!!

Done Before Dinner!
Anita & Kelly worked together on the first baby quilt - a present from auntie & grandma to a new family addition. Congrats!! And Kelly did most of the work piecing together the second quilt. All in all, I did very little sewing (maybe 10 minutes max), but made up for it by cutting, ironing, and directing. Way to go team!! =)
Lovely Presentations

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