05 November, 2006

Phase III: The Finale

Well, the snap dragons fell over again. And the fuschia didn't fare as well as it could have (were I to have watered it more). So I'll probably try something different next year. Of course, that's what I say every year - we'll have to see next year if it actually happens. The petunias were *marvelous* and will be part of the retinue next year.

August was really rainy, but we lucked out for some of September. These pics were taken in Sebtember. Nights were chilly then so I didn't expect new blooms, but the ones already there hung in 'til the last. I didn't get pictures of the front bed - it was overgrown with color and the snapdragons were pushing forward. I think I overloaded it, because lots of the plants didn't grow as large as they were supposed to. I'm thinking I'll do nicotania for the back row next year - it can be fairly tall and has lots of different colors. And we'll just have to see what's available for the rest.

Deck pots and a closeup of the petunias

Hanging pots with the back bed & sunlight in the trees

Epilogue - October 26th, Growing season's over

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