04 November, 2006

Party Time, again?!?

Fuzzy Hair

Sara came to visit for a while, and we had a blast! Prior to her visit, I got to spend some time with Jeannea (we took her camping!) for a bit. And then while Sara was here, Amy came up for a few days - wahoo!! But because of the proper alignment of the stars, the phase of the moon, and some dancing in the dark... Sara was able to stay for quite some time (almost 6 weeks!). And it was *fantastic* to have her here. Greg is so busy that I have lots of ME time - which I enjoy, don't get me wrong. I do lots of reading or quilting or playing on the computer. But it was great to have someone around to talk to and do things with. Fortunately, some of Greg's commitments are ending soon, so we'll have more time together.

It's been a busy time, and I dragged Sara around to help with or participate in everything that was going on:

  • Wallyball (every Tuesday)
  • Surprise birthday party for me (I didn't know about this until that night!)
  • Party for M
  • Mystery quilt party
  • Candle party
  • Shopping for Halloween costumes
  • Lots of shopping with Greg - for supplies, costumes, presents
  • Hosting a Halloween / birthday party
  • Handing out candy to the kiddies

Wow. Sounds like we're party freaks. And while we do enjoy having company, lots of these "parties" were not at the house. (Although we have plenty more coming - it's the holiday season, after all!) Sara was the first of the three of us to finish her Mystery Quilt - the day before she left. Since we all have the same colors, it gives me a good idea what mine will look like, except the border & back fabrics are different. Exactly the same, only different! I'll post pics when I'm done (but don't hold your breath 'cuz I've got a few projects to finish before I work on that one). I guess I'd better get a move on!

Party Time, M!

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