10 July, 2006

Phase II: Growth Spurt!

So I went flower shopping - always fun - with friends and came home with a few new (to me) flowers for my plantings. I always love petunias - they come in so many colors, they're easy to maintain, and they flower profusely throughout the *short* season. I'm trying my hand at snapdragons again - they always fall over, but I keep trying. Same with fuschias (they don't fall over, but they're very sensitive about water - or lack of it - and I keep trying them). Lobelia is a great filler and also comes in lots of different colors. I have some Compact Innocence - a small, white flower that smells *divine*! - some Nicotania (sp?), some daisy look-alikes in yellow and orange, and lots of others that I can't remember (they're the new ones). These pics were taken the end of June.

Front Walkway, Deck Pots, & Hanging Pots
(you can kind of see the perennial bed at the back of the hanging pots)
Front Walkway Pots & Annual Bed (front yard)
Thanks to Amy who gardened with me vicariously (we were chatting on the phone) and helped get most of the pots planted. And thanks to Sheri, who helped plant the front flower bed (the annuals) by laying out the color scheme and passing the poor root-bound babies over to be submerged in fresh dirt. A great sport - she comes all the way up here to visit and I put her to work helping plant the flowers! (I suppose that's better than the cleaning Sara did to help get ready for a party she didn't even attend. I'm working on being a better hostess...)