24 June, 2006

Phase I: Plant Preparation

Spring Snow

I've been looking forward to planting flowers since about January. Planting means that the nights are at least 40 degrees - and days are warmer than that! So I figured I would blog about the process. Phase I: Plant Preparation is just before everything happens. Can't purchase the flowers yet because they can't stay outside yet (and the cats would eat them if they stay inside - impromptu salad bar!).

So these pictures are taken in May - including the snowstorm. I'm a little behind the times, since we're using the camera that takes actual film - we haven't replaced the digital yet, and I still miss it. I'll be taking pictures for Phase II this weekend (to be posted sometime in July-ish?), and Phase III will be pictures from the end of the season (that being August / September).
Deck Pots
Hanging Pots
Perennial Bed (back yard)
Annual Bed (front yard)

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