12 March, 2006

One, Two, Three-and-Four, Five-and-Six

I always enjoy watching people on the dance floor that really know how to dance. I'm okay at the "white man shuffle", but I've never been very coordinated or graceful. So it's nice to watch a couple move around the floor together - they have a rhythm (no "real" vowels in that word!), sometimes grace, and they look like they're having fun. Someday I want to be one (well, two) of those people.

Ages ago, I convinced Greg to take a dance class with me: West Coast Swing. We had a blast! But we never did end up practicing the steps, so a couple years later here we are and I can't remember a thing! But I was talking to some girlfriends, and found that they were interested in dancing too. We didn't let the boys choose - we didn't have confidence that they'd agree - and we made plans for dancing. I found beginning WCS lessons - they meet weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays.

We went this past Friday - and I had a blast! Even though it was years ago, I started remembering some of the steps from our class. I hope the others had fun too... Our previous lessons were different - we spent more time learning the basic steps before we learned moves; we spent two hours a night, once a week (so had more time to cement the moves); and it was a community learning course instead of meeting in a bar - less noise and confusion while we're trying to figure out what to do with feet and hands. And I guess that WCS is one of the more difficult dances to learn - in part because there are so many different moves that can be done. But it was still lots of fun.

We're on for dancing on Tuesday night. And starting next month, lessons will be for Night Club 2-Step. I've done that one (very briefly) too, and I had lots of fun. The steps are easier (if I remember right) and it's very versatile as to the kinds of songs and the tempos you can dance to. So, I haven't started putting on paper my "List of 100", but this is definitely one of the entries!

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Jenn said...

Without fail, Tyler will tell me he was thinking of going dancing that night when I happen to be in the midst of the flu or something. That is hislittle joke...so I am impressed that Greg will go along with you to learn dances. Sounds like a blast!