20 February, 2006

Poker Night

I always enjoy having people over to the house, usually more than I enjoy going to socialize at other people's houses. Not sure why that is - it definitely means more work for me... I have to clean the house, sometimes decorate, prepare lots of food. Lots of planning and works goes into having people over to the house... for me, anyway. We sometimes go to other abodes for celebrations and get-togethers, but I really do enjoy putting them on at our house. And in that spirit, Saturday night was POKER NIGHT - Wahoo!!!

We had a bunch of friends over with the promise of food, and the tantalizing hope of winning the pot. We play (on the few occasions it has happened to date) Texas Hold 'Em. It was a blast!! We had loads of food... so much that we had to put the bacon wrapped scallops (those didn't last long!!), some chips & dips, and the veggie tray on another table. Of course, desserts had their own spot too!! The food "theme" was finger-food... that way you could make several rounds between hands or just munch whenever. Several people brought dishes to add to the eating experience - a real group effort in "fine dining"!! When it was time to play, we consolidated food and then ran two tables for a while.

This shot is before food consolidation...

We play for a $10 buy-in per person, and we had 11 people playing on Saturday. It makes for great entertainment. We had people show up between 5-6pm so we could start on the eating right away. The last guest left around 3:30am - we were all yawning, but I was very satisfied with the events of the evening. We ran two tables and then consolidated to one after a few people lost out. Those of us that were out early had a chance to eat some more (of course!) and then started a game of Mexican Train (a domino game). I had as much fun there (more almost) as I did playing poker. We had a really good group of people. Definitely a game night to do over - and I don't think we'll wait as long (last Poker Night was in July or August 2005).

We're planning on having a Game Night when my sister M comes to visit. I'm already working on details, altho I have some time... Not sure if it'll be Poker Night, or Cranium, or maybe group Trivial Pursuit. Last time we had Game Night, we had about 30 people over and never did get around to playing the game... but it was still fun, and that's what really counts!!

Our grand winner had never played poker before - congratulations Cindy!! =)

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Jenn said...

Thanks for the small view in to Penny's World. I enjoyed reading what you are up to. (and I hope it is not any more cold showers) Sure love you!