04 February, 2006

Is it summer yet?!?

One of the hardest parts of being in Alaska is the long, cold winters... but as with anything, there are benefits (of a sort). Some of the coldest, most miserable days are also the prettiest. It gets so cold that it hurts to breath and your nostrils can stick together - but that coldness forms ice crystals in the air that clump together and eventually coat everything with a crisp, clean layer (or several layers - depending on how long it's been cold enough to freeze your extremities off) of pristine frostiness that glitters everywhere.

That's not snow... It's ice crystals!! Posted by Picasa

We've made it through January... *finally*!! The days are noticeably longer, and I can dream that it's going to start warming up soon. Although, if tradition holds, we'll probably get a *huge* snowstorm sometime in February or March. It's sad when you realize it's "warm enough to snow" and are glad of it. I keep my sanity by starting to plan what kinds of flowers I'm going to plant in the flower bed, how many pots I'll get, and where they'll go.

We're going to a Superbowl Party tomorrow - get to watch the ads on a 42" plasma flat screen. Wahoo!! And I don't have to clean the house for visitors - another BIG WAHOO!! So today I just have to do laundry and grocery shopping (mostly for goodies for tomorrow!!). It'll be fun to chill with friends and watch the game (more like watch the commercials!). If I have to pick a team, I'm going to root for Seattle - they're lots closer to me (geographically speaking) than the other guys... whoever they are?!?

I'm still learning how to use this blogspace. I finally figured out how to get a picture on, but not how to do two in one post or update my profile with a picture. I'll keep learning and before I know it... I'll be a whiz! Or at least able to do the things I keep trying to... =)

Go Seahawks!!

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