13 January, 2006

The best is yet to come...

When I had my last birthday (in October), that's the way I felt - this is going to be a *fantastic* year, with the best yet to come!! And so far I haven't been disappointed. In honor of that sentiment, I'm doing things for myself: exercising more, eating better, enjoying friends & family, sharing my happiness (which is where this blog comes in). I know it won't all be roses, and you'll all get to share the pain when it's not, but for now Life Is Good!!

I'm looking forward to lots of things this year - it's going to be an exciting one! My brother is getting married; my sister M is going to come visit; I'm going to work on things just for me: exercise, building my knowledgebase, exploring new hobbies. I read an article a while ago where the author talked about a "List of 100" - it's a list of things she wants to accomplish sometime over the course of her life. I'm going to start my list this year and see where it takes me. Come along for the ride!!

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Ritardo said...

Don't stop now.